The Top 10 Most Important Reasons to Hydrate

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Many of us have taken water for granted like it's an old-wives tale to consume half of your body weight in ounces per day. Hydration influences your weight, muscle mass, brain functionality, and even your stress levels. This is the important shift you can make in your life; become more conscious about what you are putting into your body and why it matters.  Read on to learn just how important water is to all of us. 

Water is lost during sleep 

During your nightly 8 hours of rest, your metabolic system is functioning at a high level. It is estimated each individual loses 1/2 pound to 1 pound in water weight each night, which can be more for those in warmer climates or during the summer season. This causes "insensible water loss" which is connected to the respiratory system, water balance, and thermoregulation (American Physiological Society). More than 75% of Americans are functioning in a state of dehydration. What many do not realize is when they wake up, they are already dehydrated. It is important to remedy this by keeping a water vessel at your bedside each night to begin the day with at least one cup to replenish what was lost during sleep.

Water is essential to healthy brain function 

Water is the single most important nutrient in the body and the most abundant. The human brain is comprised of 95% water and a small drop of 2% in body water levels causes a small but significant shrinkage of the brain. The impact of dehydration reduces cognitive function, neuromuscular response, mental clarity, and induces daytime fatigue. Studies have shown a dehydrated driver makes the same amount of traffic errors as someone that has consumed the legal limit of alcohol shown here. Understanding the crucial importance of good daily hydration habits can impact more lives than just your own. 

Water is the catalyst for maximum absorption 

Water is essential for proper nutrient absorption. How important is water in the body? Water is the transport mechanism for nutrients in the small intestine. This is the site in which proper nutrient absorption takes place. Water carries nutrients into the small intestine and carries waste out once nutrients have been metabolized. With a proper cup of water before and after each meal, your food moves through the body efficiency which eliminates cramps and constipation. 

Water helps to facilitate healthy digestion 

Water carries nutrients through the body to where they need to go. Water is essential to nourishing proper blood circulation. If you have the craving for a sugary soda, drink two cups of water instead. The craving felt by your body is actually in response to being dehydrated and will pass when you make the healthy decision to replace soda with water. Pure Inventions is our partner in furthering conscious consumption by adding super oxidants to your daily water intake. 

Water reduces daytime fatigue 

Healthy brain function leads to improved clarity and cognition. How does drinking enough water help the brain? Water is the medium in which all energy reactions take place; water and electrolytes are essential nutrients needed for healthy cognitive function. When the body is feeling dehydrated in can manifest in the 2pm sleepy feeling. You will feel lethargic in the middle of the day and the lease productive. Bypass fatigue by keeping a 2liter bottle on your desk and monitor how much water you have consumed in addition to water you receive from eating healthy, naturally hydrating foods. 

Water helps to build muscle

Muscle is made mostly of water. A state of dehydration can force a muscle into contraction which produces the feeling of a muscle cramp. Strength and control are governed by the central nervous system. Water is the conduit for healthy nerve function and aids in the neuromuscular response. To flex a muscle or keep healthy muscle gain, proper water and electrolytes are essential. 

Water loss signaled by thirst means you are already dehydrated 

When your body signals to you that you are thirsty or you experience a state of thirst most people reach for sugary, stimulating drinks to satisfy the thirst and the tastebuds. However, if you are experiencing the state of thirst, this means you are already dehydrated. What your body needs is pure, clean, and preferably filtered drinking water. It takes mindfulness to catch yourself in this pattern so keep a full bottle of water with you wherever you go. 

Proper hydration reduces the risk of disease

Stress can be linked to 9 of the top 10 leading causes of death and so can proper hydration. Heart disease, healthy liver and kidney function are all impacted by the bioavailability of water in the system. Dehydration causes a drop in blood volume levels and causes the blood to thicken. To compensate, the body constricts blood vessels and increases the heart rate to maintain blood pressure. This induces a state of stress and triggers the fight or flight response. Stress and dehydration are reciprocally related and eliminating both will cause a significant shift in your health.  

Water is essential to healthy cell activity  

Our bodies are very sensitive to our environment and living patterns. Subatomic particles are the fundamental constituents of nature and vibrate at very precise frequencies. Likewise, the fundamental elements of our body, our cells, are vibrating at different frequencies at different times. More than 65% of the water in our body is contained in our cells, the other 35% remains outside of them. When you dehydrate, cells de-excite and movements become slower and slower to minimize the water they use. This lowers the frequency and causes disruption in chemical reactions, communication between cells, and proper cell function.  

You are water.

You are an aqueous solution by definition. By mindfully increasing your daily water intake, you can keep your body, your brain, and cells healthy into their silver years. Women should drink 2.7 and men should drink 3.7 liters of water based on daily activity and hydrating food consumption.  

Imagine, after considering its importance, what your life would be like if you had limited or restricted access to water. The convenience of healthy drinking water is something to be grateful for and cherished daily. May we all do our part.

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