About Amrita Bottles

Align with the fluidity of the divine.

Introducing the AMRITA Bottles brand.

Conscious Glass bottles

Amrita Bottles were born with the burning desire to bring a sacred and sustainable means of hydration to a greater population.

They come at a crucial time on our planet in which we are being asked to take responsibility to live ETHICALLY and IN ALIGNMENT with nature while staying fundamentally committed to enriching our own radiant health and well-being.

We are a company committed to providing a conscious alternative to plastic water bottles. 

Each bottle holds the amount of water that the average individual should drink every day.

We began with the hope to bring a conscious and sustainable means of hydration to our local community and beyond.

These bottles are hand etched with high vibrational designs to charge your daily water intake.

A conscious alternative to plastic water bottles

They are easily transportable from the studio space to the workplace and anywhere in between.

Each bottle contains the amount of water we should drink every day at 62 oz, or fill up four mini’s at 18oz.

Sacred intention, sacred hydration, inspired by meditation.