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Why would I buy a glass water bottle? 

Glass is recyclable and you don't have to worry about toxins leaching from your plastic or aluminum water bottles. With the hand etched, high vibrational designs, the water tastes better. Using a reusable glass bottle also benefits the environment. You'll save money and the planet's resources when you eliminate your plastic water bottle waste.

What kinds of toxins are in plastic bottles?

The most common and dangerous toxin in plastic is BPA. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.  Read more here.

Are Aluminum and Stainless Steel Bottles Safe?

Aluminum is a neurotoxin and so most, if not all, aluminum bottles contain a plastic lining that may contain BPA. We created this company because glass is the ultimate choice for sustainable and safe beverage containers!

What is your drop policy?

Glass is easy to break and hard to clean up. Please keep in mind, the intention is to become more conscious to your every day lifestyle. Drink one Amrita Bottle of water a day or four mini's and stay aware of each activity you are doing as you are doing it. If you're driving in your car, drive with all of your awareness. Commit to, for example, staying off of your phone. When you are taking your bottle out of the car, stay aware of the process. You will find that you have no trouble keeping it your long time Sacred Hydration vessel.